This site is dedicated to the memory and quest for justice for Francisco/Franky, ‘Franco’ Cuevas. From the first day our family realized he was missing on November 5th 2007 we have been desperate, determined and dedicated to finding him.

He was his mother’s greatest pride and joy, his sisters’ greatest defender, his nieces and nephews mentor and role model and his 4 children’s greatest protector and provider. In his extended family regardless of how many miles away or the last time he saw you if you had a hurt or a need he was there.

In the first 8 months Franky was missing we spent many hours traveling to the East Coast of Florida disseminating fliers and canvassing neighborhoods of every personal and business contact we could uncover. Our travels to the East Coast have never ended. All roads continue to lead us back to the business in Pompano Beach that he founded in 2002 where he was President and CEO, where he had a partnership he was planning to dissolve in 2008, where his phone was last pinged from his business office November 3, 2007 where blood evidence was found and we now believe he was killed.

What started out as one nightmare of missing pieces of a puzzle has turned into another nightmare of a timeline of events and circumstances that bring us closer and closer to an arrest of his murderer(s). Our family has been disabled without him, we have been handicapped and wounded in ways only those who have suffered such a horrific loss could comprehend. We have been to the darkest corners of our souls with the knowledge of how he came to his untimely death.

We have never forgotten Franky’s legacy, "FAMILY FIRST I'D DIE FOR ANY ONE OF YOU" therefore we will never give up until his murderer is brought to justice.